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Ontario Lure Coursing AssociationMay 20, 2018Scroll down for results.
Ontario Lure Coursing AssociationMay 19, 2018Scroll down for results.
Gazehound OntarioMay 13, 2018Scroll down for results.
Gazehound OntarioMay 12, 2018Scroll down for results.
Whippet Club of BCApr 29, 2018Scroll down for results.
Whippet Club of BCApr 28, 2018Scroll down for results.
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Foothills Gazehound Club : Jul 01, 2017

Open Afghan Hound - 3 CompetedJudges: Justin Dannenbring & Karen Douglass
BOB/BOMBelizeDaghan U Betta Belize It; Tannis Tindall12 Points
2ndStriderKomar's Stars N Stripes II; Dierdrie Culbert9 Points
Pulled from FinalsOdysseyCh Hammid Odyssei Sedona Sunrise NC RN CGN; Dierdrie Culbert0 Points
Open Basenji - 3 CompetedJudges: Justin Dannenbring & Karen Douglass
BOB/BOMBeccaKhani's Aca-Pella Orru; Debra Verzyl & Aislynn Verzyl12 Points
2ndHeartCh Orru's Heart N Soul FCh; Debra Verzyl & George Verzyl9 Points
Did not receive a qualifying scoreJasperJasper; Rhonda Sitter0 Points
Open Greyhound - 6 CompetedJudges: Justin Dannenbring & Pat Ingram
BOB/BOMLyricCh Andare Windwood Lyrical Dance FCh; Ann Fessenden & Edward Molloy & Ivy Molloy28 Points
2ndTangoAndare Windwood Last Tango FF FCh; Robert Jones18 Points
3rdJaegerGrCh Windwood Jaeger of Andare FChX3; Ann Fessenden & Edward Molloy & Ivy Molloy12 Points
4thFriedaQuick Sarah FCh; Christina Berlin & Ludwig Berlin6 Points
NBQLeviGRCh windrock Roadhouse Blues FCh; Claudine Hamilton0 Points
No placementShimmerCh Andare Windwood Disco Shimmer FCh; M Woestenburg & P Woestenburg0 Points
Andare Windwood Yankee Polka Excused in Preliminaries - does not count for points.
Open Ibizan Hound - 4 CompetedJudges: Vernon Staack & Pat Ingram
BOB/BOMSageCh Kamars Flying Beyond Imagining V Valbydane; Peggy Mignon & Katie Belz16 Points
2ndCooperSilverbell Ahram's Small Town Throwdown of Or; Justin Dannenbring & Curtis Freeling & Kelly Bell12 Points
3rdBlue BerryCh Orion Ahram Blueberry Wine; Justin Dannenbring & Michelle Paulin & Curtis Freeling8 Points
4thMaggieCh Gryphon's Shangri La Magic FchX; Karen Douglass4 Points
Mixed - 5 CompetedJudges: Justin Dannenbring & Karen Douglass
1stCariCh Faridaat Bryn'M Caramel Fudge FCh; Catherine Hays20 Points
2ndRoccoXO Endymion; Philip McCleskey & Craig Wilkerson15 Points
3rdAlisaFernhill Ailsa Purcell; Brennan Cassidy10 Points
4thBetsyBryn'M Country Rose; Catherine Hays & Janet Phelps5 Points
NBQGemmaSalish' Malibu Bay; Elaine Staack & Paige Presler0 Points
Open Whippet - 7 CompetedJudges: Justin Dannenbring & Vernon Staack
BOB/BOMChillCh Dreamwindz The Big Chill FChX; Claudine Hamilton28 Points
2ndStormyCh Dreamwindz Iced Cappucino FCh; Claudine Hamilton21 Points
3rdPauleyCh SDW Remember the Heros at Weerob FChX; Wendy Rossetti & Robert Rossetti14 Points
4thReubenManorcourt Midnight Jasper; Brian Ashley & Heidi Ashley7 Points
NBQRebusBlueprints Crouching Squirrel; Heather Hart0 Points
No placementMisterSinclair Call Me A Playboy; Shaun Maxwell0 Points
Pulled from FinalsRemyHilarica Biscotti; Fiona Hart0 Points
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Amore's Cross My HeartErnieScroll down for results.
Ch Rasswet's DavinaDavinaScroll down for results.
Ch Nickeroos Icy Cold October RoadAutumnScroll down for results.
Icycold Second ComingHesusScroll down for results.
Ch Icycold Take a Second Look at Me FChMemeScroll down for results.
Ch Nickeroo's Icycold UR the One that I Want OliviaScroll down for results.
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