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Trial ClubTrial Date
Gazehound OntarioSep 16, 2018Scroll down for results.
Foothills Gazehound ClubSep 15, 2018Scroll down for results.
Gazehound OntarioSep 15, 2018Scroll down for results.
Western Gazehound ClubSep 09, 2018Scroll down for results.
Western Gazehound ClubSep 08, 2018Scroll down for results.
Alberta Lure Coursing AssociationSep 02, 2018Scroll down for results.
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Foothills Gazehound Club : Jul 02, 2018

Open Basenji - 3 CompetedJudges: John Girgan & Vernon Staack
BOB/BOMHorusBeaubri's Egyptian Philosphere; Simone Gaudet & Megan Caston12 Points
2ndPiperCh Jasiri-Sukari Summit Up Nicely; Kathy Davies9 Points
3rdAnubisBeaubris Ancient Egyptian God; Megan Caston6 Points
Open Borzoi - 1 CompetedJudges: John Girgan & Vernon Staack
No placementPilotBorscana English Electric Lightning; Merla Thomson & Irian Girchenko4 Points
Open Ibizan Hound - 4 CompetedJudges: John Girgan & Vernon Staack
BOB/BOMBlue BerryCh Orion Ahram Blueberry Wine; Justin Dannenbring & Michelle Paulin & Curtis Freeling16 Points
2ndMoonGCh Spiritsound Hrvstmoom RImouski FChX CA; Pat Ingram & Bruce Ingram12 Points
3rdSageCh Kamars Flying Beyond Imagining V Valbydane; Peggy Mignon & Katie Belz8 Points
4thCooperSilverbell Ahram's Small Town Throwdown of Or; Justin Dannenbring & Curtis Freeling & Kelly Bell4 Points
Open Saluki - 3 CompetedJudges: Justin Dannenbring & John Girgan
BOB/BOMBetsyBryn'M Country Rose; Catherine Hays & Janet Phelps12 Points
2ndCariCh Faridaat Bryn'M Caramel Fudge FCh; Catherine Hays9 Points
3rdGemmaSalish' Malibu Bay; Elaine Staack & Paige Presler6 Points
Open Whippet - 4 CompetedJudges: Justin Dannenbring & John Girgan
BOB/BOMReubenManorcourt Midnight Jasper; Brian Ashley & Heidi Ashley16 Points
2ndChillCh Dreamwindz The Big Chill FChX; Claudine Hamilton12 Points
3rdCabelaQuixandz Guns N Rodents ; Rita Van Elst8 Points
4thStormyCh Dreamwindz Iced Cappucino FCh; Claudine Hamilton4 Points
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NameCall Name
Ocean's Sail AwayCharlieScroll down for results.
Devonair's Beam Me Up Scotty FChNinjaScroll down for results.
Kominek's Hand of the King FChXPrince WilliamScroll down for results.
Ch Charsada Dream No Small Dreams FChXMaloneScroll down for results.
Ch Scaramouche Black Star RNRafeScroll down for results.
Kominek's The StallionPrince HarryScroll down for results.
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