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Whippet Club of BCMay 05, 2019Scroll down for results.
Whippet Club of BCMay 04, 2019Scroll down for results.
Ontario Lure Coursing AssociationOct 14, 2018Scroll down for results.
Ontario Lure Coursing AssociationOct 13, 2018Scroll down for results.
Alberta Lure Coursing AssociationOct 06, 2018Scroll down for results.
Vancouver Island Lure Coursing AssociationSep 30, 2018Scroll down for results.
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Foothills Gazehound Club : May 20, 2013

Open Afghan Hound - 3 CompetedJudges: Lexi Kovacs & Edward Molloy
1stCharleyCh Nalikar Perfection Cary Grant FCh; K Saville & D Peterson & C Graham12 Points
No placementWeaselCh What a Weasel RN CGN PCD NC; Kalie Bryce0 Points
No placementOdysseyCh Hammid Odyssei Sedona Sunrise NC RN CGN; Dierdrie Culbert0 Points
- Two hounds scored under 200 points - One hound was excused in prelimaries and does not count for point
Open Borzoi - 3 CompetedJudges: John Girgan & Edward Molloy
1stJRCh Lubezniy vom Solring Hus FCh; Lexi Kovacs & Harold Neumann & Inken Neumann12 Points
No placementJackCh Prairietrails Navy Rose Jack; Lexi Kovacs & Brad Magnus0 Points
No placementKateTovaritch's Ekaterina; Beverley J Creed0 Points
- Two hounds scored under 200 points
Open Greyhound - 3 CompetedJudges: Jenn Council & Edward Molloy
1stVivaDLT Dancing Days FChX; Christina Berlin & Ludwig Berlin12 Points
2ndPixieRX Punkie FChX2; Christina Berlin & Ludwig Berlin9 Points
3rdChiliChili Bean FCh; Adam Vase & Brandi Quinn-Vase6 Points
Open Ibizan Hound - 5 CompetedJudges: Lexi Kovacs & Edward Molloy
1stMaggieCh Gryphon's Shangri La Magic FchX; Karen Douglass20 Points
2ndSpurrSpurr; Linda Smith15 Points
3rdFaithCH Amahte's Stand By Me FCh; Rosemary Young & Ron Young & Roberta Hozempa10 Points
4thAngusCh Spiritsound's Thunderstruck; Rosemary Young & Ron Young5 Points
NBQMoonGCh Spiritsound Hrvstmoom RImouski FChX CA; Pat Ingram & Bruce Ingram0 Points
Open Italian Greyhound - 1 CompetedJudges: Pat Ingram & Lexi Kovacs
No placementSanCh San Pelligrino di Bocallupo FCh; Bobbi Westman4 Points
Open Whippet - 17 CompetedJudges: Lexi Kovacs & Edward Molloy
1stLolaCh Shannon Down Angel Eyes V Lifelong; Shannon Lyons & Claudine Hamilton & David Hamilton & Krystal Lyons40 Points
2ndTorchyIcatcher Lynallan Torch Singer; Susan Nordstrom & Paulette Blinch30 Points
3rdJennyJenny Comes Calling at Harjue; June M Hartley20 Points
4thPuzzleHarjue Moving Puzzle; Heather Johnson & Ben Johnson10 Points
NBQRhettCh Weerob Southern Gentleman; Wendy Rossetti & Robert Rossetti0 Points
No placementMonkeyHarjue Cheeky Monkey; Heather Johnson0 Points
No placementJasperWhispers Jasper the Magi; Patti Munnikhuysen & Todd Beedle0 Points
No placementScarlettCh Weerob The Scarlett Witch; Wendy Rossetti & Robert Rossetti0 Points
No placementRileyCh Maxnme Life of Riley; Wendy Rossetti & Robert Rossetti0 Points
No placementAlly OopCh Harmony's Dreamwindz Ally Oop; Claudine Hamilton0 Points
No placementLexiKentfield Infinity Sweet Lexus Baby; Sandra Deck & Curtis Deck0 Points
No placementRosieTarapaca Lynallan Cream Swirl; Louise Biederstadt & Harold Biederstadt0 Points
No placementValWeerob As You Wish; Wendy Rossetti & Robert Rossetti0 Points
No placementBaliOcean's Marble Halls; Jana Sharon0 Points
No placementSylasOcean's On The Shore; Jana Sharon0 Points
No placementMJZU Hallermund MJ Madison; June M Hartley0 Points
No placementHueyCh Shannon Down Stop and Stare; Lenna Maxwell0 Points
One hound excused in finals
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Amore's Cross My HeartErnieScroll down for results.
Ch Rasswet's DavinaDavinaScroll down for results.
Ch Nickeroos Icy Cold October RoadAutumnScroll down for results.
Icycold Second ComingHesusScroll down for results.
Ch Icycold Take a Second Look at Me FChMemeScroll down for results.
Ch Nickeroo's Icycold UR the One that I Want OliviaScroll down for results.
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