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Trial ClubTrial Date
Western Gazehound ClubSep 14, 2019Scroll down for results.
Vancouver Island Lure Coursing AssociationSep 08, 2019Scroll down for results.
Vancouver Island Lure Coursing AssociationSep 07, 2019Scroll down for results.
Alberta Lure Coursing AssociationSep 01, 2019Scroll down for results.
Alberta Lure Coursing AssociationAug 31, 2019Scroll down for results.
Ontario Lure Coursing AssociationAug 18, 2019Scroll down for results.
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Alberta Lure Coursing Association : Sep 01, 2019

Open Afghan Hound - 2 CompetedJudges: Kathy Nelson & Pat Ingram
BOB/BOMStriderKomar's Stars N Stripes II; Dierdrie Culbert8 Points
2ndVannaGCHEx Polo's The Socialite; Lynn Woods6 Points
Open Basenji - 1 CompetedJudges: Kathy Nelson & Pat Ingram
No placementBrolyBeaubri's The Pelican Brief; Cristelle Martin4 Points
Open Borzoi - 5 CompetedJudges: Kathy Nelson & Pat Ingram
BOB/BOMQueridaKachina Endless Love; Karen McCormick & Carol Enz20 Points
2ndAurumKonza-Plulm Creek Countach; Dmitri Luchianov & Catherin Valendez15 Points
3rdWalkerWolfwoods Spirit Walker; Robyn Holowach10 Points
4thRowdyCh Justart Riot Act; Ken Cook5 Points
NBQFreyaKachina Love Without End; Karen McCormick & Carol Enz0 Points
Open Greyhound - 6 CompetedJudges: Kathy Nelson & Pat Ingram
BOB/BOMJourneyHuntington Windwood Sentimental Journey; Ann Fessenden24 Points
2ndCelesteWindwood Celestial; Ann Fessenden18 Points
3rdShimmerCh Andare Windwood Disco Shimmer FCh; M Woestenburg & P Woestenburg12 Points
3rdJaegerGrCh Windwood Jaeger of Andare FChX3; Ann Fessenden & Edward Molloy & Ivy Molloy12 Points
NBQLeviGRCh windrock Roadhouse Blues FCh; Claudine Hamilton0 Points
Pulled from FinalsJ JWindrock Close Enough to Perfect; Justin Evdokimoff & Monica Lee0 Points
Open Ibizan Hound - 6 CompetedJudges: Kathy Nelson & Bobbi Westman
BOB/BOMAtlasAmahte's Old School; Samantha Isherwood24 Points
2ndNzingaGCh Amahte's Duma Kukimbia; Roberta Hozempa & Jacqueline Popplestone & John Popplestone18 Points
3rdC CCh Spiritsound Bdmoonrzn Rimouski NC CA; Pat Ingram & Bruce Ingram & Rosemary Young & Ron Young12 Points
4thMoonGCh Spiritsound Hrvstmoom RImouski FChX CA; Pat Ingram & Bruce Ingram6 Points
NBQSimbaCh Amahte's Kilima Njaro; Roberta Hozempa & Jacqueline Popplestone & John Popplestone0 Points
No placementNixonDestiny's Taji Mojo Nixon; Samantha Isherwood0 Points
Open Whippet - 19 CompetedJudges: Kathy Nelson & Pat Ingram
BOB/BOMLiamCounterpoint Tarakru Liam; Bilinda Taras Krupa & Doug Krupa & Trudy Taphorn40 Points
2ndRogueTarakru’s Rogue; Bilinda Taras Krupa 30 Points
3rdKarmaShadow Run's Boldly Bewitching; Alexis Shymanski20 Points
4thMoDreamwindz Lynalllan's Mimosa; Lee Neville10 Points
NBQCabelaQuixandz Guns N Rodents ; Rita Van Elst0 Points
No placementCyaFireworks Just Bernadette; Linda Smith0 Points
No placementPresleyTarapaca's Forbidden Destiny; Lisha Marshall0 Points
No placementEnvyCh Dreamwindz White Label NV; Claudine Hamilton0 Points
No placementMonkeyShannon Down Arctic Monkey; Wendy Rossetti & Robert Rossetti0 Points
No placementChaseTarakru's Backspin FCh; Shawn Maxwell0 Points
No placementThorCouleerun Thor; Bilinda Taras Krupa & Douglas Krupa0 Points
No placementSpiritTarapaca's Fiery Black Label; Alexis Shymanski & Erin Pelletier0 Points
No placementStormTarakru's Storm; Lyn Waldon & Neil Smith0 Points
No placementQTaraku's Q Ball; Bilinda Taras Krupa 0 Points
No placementWinkDevonair's Wink Envy; Bilinda Taras Krupa 0 Points
No placementAramisQuixand Cool Blue Lightning; Rita Van Elst0 Points
No placementZeusTarrango's Citation; Jenn Council & Angela Ellis0 Points
No placementLansonCh Dreamwindz Black Label Brut; Claudine Hamilton0 Points
No placementBanditRegal Friends Harjue Bandit; June M Hartley0 Points
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NameCall Name
Amore's Cross My HeartErnieScroll down for results.
Ch Rasswet's DavinaDavinaScroll down for results.
Ch Nickeroos Icy Cold October RoadAutumnScroll down for results.
Icycold Second ComingHesusScroll down for results.
Ch Icycold Take a Second Look at Me FChMemeScroll down for results.
Ch Nickeroo's Icycold UR the One that I Want OliviaScroll down for results.
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