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Trial ClubTrial Date
Whippet Club of Eastern CanadaOct 24, 2021Scroll down for results.
Whippet Club of Eastern CanadaOct 23, 2021Scroll down for results.
Western Gazehound ClubOct 10, 2021Scroll down for results.
Western Gazehound ClubOct 09, 2021Scroll down for results.
Ontario Lure Coursing AssociationOct 03, 2021Scroll down for results.
Alberta Lure Coursing AssociationOct 02, 2021Scroll down for results.
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Western Gazehound Club : Oct 10, 2021

Open Afghan Hound - 2 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & John Girgan
BOB/BOMCocoSwiftwind Classy and Fabulous; Laurel Deptuch8 Points
Pulled from FinalsFlashFearless Three Graces; Beverly Thompson0 Points
Open Greyhound - 6 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & John Girgan
1stTroutAndare Windwood Fisher Moon; Ann Fessenden & Edward Molloy & Ivy Molloy24 Points
2ndGalaAndare Windwood Hunter Moon; Ann Fessenden & Edward Molloy & Ivy Molloy18 Points
3rdRhodesAndare Windwood Runnin In The Moonlight; Renee Voth12 Points
4thCleoWindrock Shangra-La; Anthony Falcos6 Points
NBQLil' JaegerAndare Windwood Eclipse of a Killing Moon; Angus Barrie0 Points
Pulled from FinalsFriedaQuick Sarah FCh; Christina Berlin & Ludwig Berlin0 Points
Open Irish Wolfhound - 3 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & John Girgan
BOB/BOMEdieCnoccarne Edieagh; Katy Elbrecht12 Points
2ndDianaCnoccarne Effieagh; Falk9 Points
Dismissed in PreliminariesAmhraghCnoccarne Amhbragh; Emma Ross0 Points
Mixed - 2 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & John Girgan
1stSnappySteinhill's Gracious Deception; Wendy Petersen & Luigina Steinicke-Hill (Gina Hill)8 Points
Did not receive a qualifying scoreFreyaKachina Love Without End; Karen McCormick & Carol Enz0 Points
Open Rhodesian Ridgeback - 2 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & John Girgan
BOB/BOMLoscannaLoscanna N Ridgefold Qwandoya; Carol-Ann Ainsley8 Points
2ndWalterGRCh Goso Cola Classic ; David Ainsley & Carol-Ann Ainsley6 Points
Open Whippet Stake A - 12 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & John Girgan
1stZoleenStormhold Zarina Zoleen; Elisa Kowalczyk40 Points
2ndSherlockHilerica Paladin; Randy Gaff & Brenda Gaff30 Points
3rdVulcanHyflyte Live Long and Prosper FCh; Helen Ferguson & Marni Smith20 Points
4thCipherWirtu Cipher of Andare; Edward Molloy & Ivy Molloy10 Points
NBQMitziAytonfield Can't Go Wrong; Blair Shinski0 Points
No placementGypsy RoseCh Aytonfield Gypsy Rose Leah; Blair Shinski0 Points
No placementDrifterCh Wiliwaw Tennesse Drifted West; Blair Shinski0 Points
No placementJordieAytonfield Big Dreamer; Blair Shinski0 Points
No placementVaughnMcKaden Fly By Night; Shawna McKay0 Points
Pulled from FinalsMaverickSailaway Dream Catcher; Lorna Leinbach0 Points
Pulled from FinalsZephaCh Hilera Zarina Zehira; Carole Adley0 Points
Pulled from FinalsHeidiGCh Sailaway Pagani Huayra; Lorna Leinbach0 Points
Open Whippet Stake B - 12 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & John Girgan
1stSadieDioro Sailaway Serengetti; Mark Northcote40 Points
2ndFameCh Rhyland's Infamous Leading Lady; Blair Shinski30 Points
3rdTebbersHilerica Pandora; Carole Adley20 Points
4thRapperHyflyte The Show Must Go On; Helen Ferguson & Marni Smith10 Points
NBQCadeHilerica Rocket Science; Nakatsu0 Points
No placementPhoenixDevonair's Moonshine FChX; Karen Wheeler & Sean Wheeler0 Points
No placementKitAyton Field's Bright Star; Isabelle Prunki0 Points
No placementPranaFreckashpeng Prana; C Roy & V Diotte0 Points
Pulled from FinalsWatsonInterlude Snowdrift; J LeBlanc0 Points
Pulled from FinalsMerryHilerica Secret Agenda; Fiona Hart0 Points
Pulled from FinalsBellaAytonfield Fire Cracker; Joanne Pasta & Victor Pasta0 Points
Pulled from FinalsFinoLotty Majesticanis Boo; Aaryn Secker0 Points
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NameCall Name
Amore's Cross My HeartErnieScroll down for results.
Ch Rasswet's DavinaDavinaScroll down for results.
Ch Nickeroos Icy Cold October RoadAutumnScroll down for results.
Icycold Second ComingHesusScroll down for results.
Ch Icycold Take a Second Look at Me FChMemeScroll down for results.
Ch Nickeroo's Icycold UR the One that I Want OliviaScroll down for results.
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