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Whippet Club of BCApr 07, 2023Scroll down for results.
Whippet Club of BCApr 06, 2023Scroll down for results.
Alberta Lure Coursing AssociationOct 02, 2022Scroll down for results.
Ontario Lure Coursing AssociationOct 02, 2022Scroll down for results.
Alberta Lure Coursing AssociationOct 01, 2022Scroll down for results.
Ontario Lure Coursing AssociationOct 01, 2022Scroll down for results.
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Vancouver Island Lure Coursing Association : Aug 20, 2022

Open Afghan Hound - 4 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & Debra Verzyl
1stRubyPolo Swiftwind Red Rubicon; Laurel Deptuch16 Points
2ndCocoSwiftwind Classy and Fabulous; Laurel Deptuch12 Points
3rdGraceDaghan Graceland; Unknown8 Points
4thOrdinaryDaghan North of Ordinary; Unknown4 Points
Open Basenji - 4 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon
BOB/BOMNovaSummit When Stars Collide; Megan Caston & Kathryn Davies16 Points
2ndBeccaKhani's Aca-Pella Orru; Debra Verzyl & Aislynn Verzyl12 Points
3rdHorusBeaubri's Egyptian Philosphere; Simone Gaudet & Megan Caston8 Points
4thCheriOrru's Baroo Gatti Chiron; Debra Verzyl4 Points
Open Greyhound - 3 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon
BOB/BOMRhodesAndare Windwood Runnin In The Moonlight; Renee Voth12 Points
2ndCleoWindrock Shangra-La; Anthony Falcos9 Points
3rdLil' JaegerAndare Windwood Eclipse of a Killing Moon; Angus Barrie6 Points
Open Pharaoh Hound - 2 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & Debra Verzyl
BOB/BOMTyeNefer-Temu Bela Tegeuse @ Brandweer; Juanita Spragg & Lesley Schreuder8 Points
2ndBreeNefer-Kemu Anubis Kara For-El at Brandweer; Juanita Spragg & Lesley Schreuder6 Points
Open Saluki - 3 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & Debra Verzyl
BOB/BOMKharisHaefen Phaeton Kharisma; Carole Adley & Roberta Parish & Eric Steel12 Points
2ndConnorCh Haefen's Jubliant Connor; Catherine Hays & Janet Phelps9 Points
3rdJetsCh Haefen Jetstream for Sharwassim; Roberta Parish & Catherine Hays6 Points
Open Whippet - 14 CompetedJudges: Judy Dixon & Debra Verzyl
BOB/BOMSherlockHilerica Paladin; Randy Gaff & Brenda Gaff40 Points
2ndJordieAytonfield Big Dreamer; Blair Shinski30 Points
3rdGypsy RoseCh Aytonfield Gypsy Rose Leah; Blair Shinski20 Points
4thDrifterCh Williwaw Tennessee Drifted West; Blair Shinski10 Points
NBQMitziAytonfield Can't Go Wrong; Blair Shinski0 Points
No placementPorciaSerendipity Sparkling Delight; Blair Shinski0 Points
No placementMarisMomentum's Beacon of Light; Jessica Irving0 Points
No placementStevieCh McKaden WholeLottaTrouble; Shawna McKay & Stephanie Honey0 Points
No placementVaughnMcKaden Fly By Night; Shawna McKay0 Points
No placementFameCh Rhyland's Infamous Leading Lady; Blair Shinski0 Points
No placementMouseMeadowmouse Bombalurina; Unknown0 Points
No placementMistralHaefen Freespirits Mistral; Roberta Parish0 Points
No placementMaraTarakru's Maramou Saltakirts ; Lenore Kennedy & Glenn Schwarz0 Points
No placementHarryMeadowmouse Wild About Harry; Unknown0 Points
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Amore's Cross My HeartErnieScroll down for results.
Ch Rasswet's DavinaDavinaScroll down for results.
Ch Nickeroos Icy Cold October RoadAutumnScroll down for results.
Icycold Second ComingHesusScroll down for results.
Ch Icycold Take a Second Look at Me FChMemeScroll down for results.
Ch Nickeroo's Icycold UR the One that I Want OliviaScroll down for results.
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